Walmart Waste Lists - Confirmed


I called and confirmed over the phone for the Midlothian and Mansfield location - YES they are taking down names for cancelled/no-show appointments. ANYONE can be placed on this list, no eligibility requirement. They only ask for the following:

1. Name

2. DOB

3. Phone #

4. Be able to show up within the hour after being notified

I was only #75 on the Midlothian list, if that gives you any perspective! I have not tried the other locations yet. Remember to press 0 to select to speak with a pharmacist.

  • Walmart Duncanville/wheatland - 469-608-6233
  • Walmart Mesquite - 972-289-5319
  • Walmart Garland/marketplace - 972-279-8728
  • Walmart Webb Chapel - 972-629-0029
  • *Walmart Midlothian - 972-775-4708
  • Walmart Lancaster/short lane - 972-232-6407
  • *Walmart Mansfield- 817-473-3014
  • Walmart I20/grand prairie - 972-660-8500
  • Walmart Irving - 214-574-4522
  • Walmart Arlington/cooper - 817-465-2474
  • Walmart Arlington/pioneer - 817-303-4302
  • Walmart Arlington/Randol mill - 817-274-1090

If you're seeing this at a later date and/or the above locations aren't offering this to you...

I am sure availability is subject to change. My advice would be to check either within Walmart's covid vaccine scheduler -or- by searching on to see which stores are administering the vaccine in the first place, so you can narrow down which stores to call and check closest to you. 

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